OTnewz Features

Responsive Layout

OTnewz Pliggg template will automatically scale to fit on your browser widths/resolutions and on your mobile devices.

Featured News Slider

With the OTslider module, you can showcase your important news & stories in the homepage to gain more exposures to the visitors.

Auto-embed Videos, Photos & Rich Media

Using Embedly Embed, OTnewz will automatically display thumbnails of videos, photos or rich media in each news & clicking it will play/zoom the media.

Website Screenshot Thumbnail

When the submitted URL doesn't have rich media to embed, it will display the website screenshot thumbnail from WebThumbnail.

Sidebar Member Widgets

Show some appreciation of your members! Display users who are top submitters, top publishers, last active & newly registered members.

Sidebar Advertisement Ready

Sidebar advertisement spots are ready to be filled-in to make you some money. It has a built-in 125*125 and 300*n advertisement spots.

Built-in Social Sharing

Expose each news to the social media audience by using the built-in "Share To Bookmarking Sites" functionality.

Browser Compatibility

OTnewz will work across all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari and Opera.

OTnewz Compatibility, Requirements & Limitations

Pligg Version Compatibility

OTnewz responsive Pligg template requires at least PHP 5.3+ and Pligg 2.x. It is compatible with the latest Pligg 2 version release.

Minimum Browser Requirements

OTnewz requires the following JavaScript-enabled minimum browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 21, Firefox 19, Safari 5, Opera 12.

Voting Method Support

OTnewz Pligg template only supports the "Up & Down" voting method. "Star Rating" voting method or "2" is and will not be supported.

Display of Rich Media & Website Thumbnail

Embedding of rich media and website screenshot thumbnail is only available if Pagination Mode is set to "1" & the device-width is at least 480 pixels.

Pagination Mode Support

OTnewz only supports the "normal pagination links" or 1 Pagination Mode. Other pagination methods are and will not be supported.

No RTL Support

OTnewz responsive premium Pligg template doesn't support right-to-left languages.

OTnewz Branding Removal License

The Branding Removal License grants you the permission to remove the "Template By: OxyThemes" link/text in the footer of your Pligg-powered site that uses our premium OTnewz Pligg template.

The Branding Removal License cost $25 per domain and is perpetual (it does not expire). If you will install OTnewz Pligg template on multiple domains and wants to remove the "branding", you must purchase a separate Branding Removel License for each domain.

If you have purchased a Standard License of OTnewz Pligg template, you'll get a free Branding Removal License for one/single domain only. If you'll install OTnewz Pligg template with Standard License on multiple domains and wants to remove the "branding", you must purchase a separate Branding Removel License for each domain.

It's important to note that the Branding Removal License is just a license to remove the "Template By: OxyThemes" link/text in the footer and nothing more. You cannot brand the OTnewz Pligg template under your name and/or claim that OTnewz Pligg template is your product.

OTnewz Changelog

  • OTnewz v1.2

    - Aug 25, 2014
    • [New] Users can now Follow or Unfollow list of users find in other user's Following/Followers list.
    • [New] Embedly will now work even if Outgoing > Enable Outgoing Links is set to true.
    • [New] Modified Match & WhiteHat CAPTCHA to match OTnewz UI.
    • [New] OTslider module updated to version 1.1 which changed character set to utf8 and table collation to utf8_unicode_ci.
    • [Fix] Blank page on submission when Submit > Complete Submission on Submit Step 2? is set to false.
    • [Fix] Maintenance Mode not showing.
    • [Fix] OTslider module not showing in another pages.
    • [Fix] Un-styled Spam Trigger module message.
    • [Fix] Un-styled "Your account has been activated!..." page.
    • [Fix] Math & WhitHat CAPTCHA input field not selected when label is clicked.
    • [Fix] Disproportionate button height in Firefox browser.
  • OTnewz v1.1

    - May 23, 2014
    • [New] Modular CSS.
    • [New] Ability to use different logo image based on device-width.
    • [New] Redesigned user profile page.
    • [New] Simple Messaging module template integration.
    • [New] Status module template integration.
    • [New] User Following / Followers page enhancement.
    • [New] reCAPTCHA and SolveMedia CAPTCHA module template integration.
    • [New] Option to share either the original URL source or the internal story URL by just changing one line of code.
    • [New] Added rel="next" and rel="prev" on index pages.
    • [New] Temporarily fixed multiple duplicate contents using rel="canonical".
    • [New] Set "noindex" meta robots tag for selected sections.
    • [New] Set generic but unique Title Tags for all sections and pages.
    • [New] Set generic but unique Meta Description tags for all sections and pages.
    • [New] Used dash and vertical bar uniformly as Title Tag separators, i.e "Title Text | Site Name", Title Text - Sub-title Text | Site Name".
    • [New] Added OpenGraph Meta Tags for the homepage.
    • [New] Added DNS Prefetching.
    • [New] Redirect authenticated users to homepage if they go to login or register page.
    • [New] Entry URL in user comments now points directly to the comment.
    • [New] Visible loader image when embedded thumbnails are loading, show controls (zoom or play) when finished.
    • [Fix] CSS and JavaScripts not rendered due to incorrect absolute paths and/or lack of mod_rewrite support on some web host.
    • [Fix] Anonymous voting not working.
    • [Fix] Cannot submit without a URL.
    • [Fix] Cannot assign story to multiple categories.
    • [Fix] Cannot add or edit Summary.
    • [Fix] No pagination for search results.
    • [Fix] Comment Permalink and Reply results in 404 Error if using URL Method 2.
    • [Fix] No "Group Share" functionality.
    • [Fix] No CAPTCHA error shown when entering incorrect CAPTCHA.
    • [Fix] Blank custom user avatars.
    • [Fix] Thicker fonts in Mac OS X browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome).
    • [Fix] No "tags" for each stories.
    • [Fix] Modal login always return to homepage.
    • [Fix] Password recovery fields are plain text fields instead of password.
    • [Fix] Un-styled forms such as Submit Groups, Password Recovery, etc.
    • [Fix] Category SEO-friendly name in the header instead of human-friendly name.
    • [Fix] Missing file produces errors in Error Log.
    • [Fix] Some available language phrases are hard-coded in the template.
    • [Fix] Un-styled user profile comments.
    • [Fix] Un-styled Sidebar Saved module.
    • [Fix] Un-clickable icons in entry options (Comment, Share, Add Bookmark).
    • [Fix] Un-clickable search icon in sidebar.
    • [Fix] "Sort By" and "Account Menu" alignment issue.
    • [Fix] "Sort By" opening and closing animation.
    • Miscellaneous code improvements and bug fixes.
  • OTnewz v1.0RC1

    - Oct 23, 2013
    • First public release.

OTnewz Pricing

  • Basic Template License

    • $39
    • 6 Months
    • 6 Months
    • 6 Months
    • $10 For 6 Months
    • Navigator Pligg Toolbar Module
    • Branding Removal Not Allowed
    • Add To Cart
  • Standard Template License

    • $79
    • 12 Months
    • 12 Months
    • 12 Months
    • $15 For 12 Months
    • Navigator Pligg Toolbar Module Included
    • Branding Removal Allowed
    • Add To Cart

Pre-Sales Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods are accepted?

All of OxyThemes' payment processing is handled through PayPal. When you checkout, you'll be redirected to PayPal website where all payment processing will securely take place.

You can pay for a Template License with your PayPal account balance. You can also pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards through PayPal.

What is a Valid Period?

Valid Period is the amount of time that your purchased Template License will remain active. Valid Period for Basic Template License is 6 months while Standard Template License is 12 months.

When your Template License is still active or still within the Valid Period, you'll have access to the corresponding downloads & updates (Pligg templates) of the License you purchased. You will also have access to our support channels (access to support forums, documentations and Helpdesk) during this period.

Valid Period starts upon successful purchase of the Template License. For example, if you purchased Basic Template License on June 01, 2013, the Valid Period is from June 01 to December 01, 2013. During that timeframe, you have an active Basic Template License.

What happens when the Valid Period is over?

You now have an inactive Template License. The corresponsing downloads (Pligg templates) of the License you purchased will continue to function and you're still allowed to use it. However, access to support forum, documentations, Helpdesk, downloads and updates will be unavailable.

If you want to avail continued access to support forum, documentations, Helpdesk, downloads and updates for an additional Valid Period, you need to renew your inactive Template License.

What is an Optional License Renewal?

Basic and Standard Template License has a set Valid Period or the amount of time that your purchased Template License will remain active. When the Valid Period is over, your purchased Template License becomes inactive and you may optionally renew in order to continue to avail certain features and services.

Why I can't download anything after I completed the payment?

We manually review all orders to protect both you and us from fraudulent transactions. This means that there is sometimes a delay in processing your order (up to 24 hours, business days). If after that timeframe you still can't download, feel free to submit a ticket in our Helpdesk. Under normal circumstances, business hours, expect a one hour activation time.

What is your Refund Policy?

OxyThemes do not offer refunds as there is no way to return a digital product. Please use our product(s) demo, ask in our support forum or submit a ticket in our Helpdesk with any questions you may have before you make a purchase.

If you're experiencing any difficulty with our product, we are more than happy to provide support and resolve the situation. If your circumstance can't be resolved with support, you are welcome to contact us with an explanation of your situation.

Do the Pligg templates comes with PSDs (Layered Photoshop Files)?

No, all Pligg templates didn't include a PSD file.

Can I use the Pligg templates for work that I do for clients?

No. Our Pligg templates can be use only for your owned domains and/or sites. Please read our full Terms & Conditions.